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Hello everyone!

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Konrad von Horneck (Cody):
Hi everyone. My name is Cody and I am new to the forums here. I appreciate the add and look forward to interacting with everyone.

Over the past two years I have been building my kit. I have a butted half sleeve mail shirt that I have started to extend the sleeves on. I have a pair of mittens, and am working on making my own. I have a pair of flat ring riveted single leg chaps. A butted coif and two helmets. I am currently building a helmet. I have a teutonic surcoat, a teutonic cloak, and a templar surcoat. I have a sword and a small warhammer.

I just finished building a shield press and made my first kite shield. I plan on making quite a few more. I need to find material to cover it and leather for the straps. I am still on the lookout for a pair of leather shoes or boots. I don't fight in my armor, I just mainly have it for renaissance festivals and as a hobby. I built a stand for all of the armor and its hanging up in the corner.

I can attach pictures of everything if anyone wants to see anything.

Jon Blair:
Welcome to our noble assembly.

Sir Patrick:
Hail and well met!

Sir James A:
Around here, we love pictures.

Cover for your shield, you can get painters dropcloth (it's canvas) in Home Depot. I've used it for a non-combat shield, and it worked well. I think it's the same thing Sir Nathan uses for his shields.

Welcome! Where abouts are you now?


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