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I've been working on a formal curriculum based upon the Liechtenauer tradition for our club - Guild of Knightly Arts. It's a work in progress but this will likely be our core curriculum for awhile. I'd like to include some other German Longsword techniques "eventually" such as those from  Ringneck's plays, some of Talhoffer's plays, and some from Peter Falkner's Fechtbuch, etc.

I've attached jpeg's of the curriculum (the pdf was too large for allowable attachment size) so that those of you who would like to see what we are doing may and also draw from it yourself and/or offer a critique where I may be able to adjust things here and there. I've tried to design this so that the techniques build upon one another in a logical and progressive manner.

The curriculum is the outline of our system and does not include various drills which I am considering writing down in a separate document.

Sir Patrick:
Where does your club meet?  I remember you said you lived in central Missouri. I'm in the St. Louis area and have been looking for a HEMA group.

Joshua Santana:
Jason, this looks great.  In fact I have been working on a LIechtenaur curriculum for my training purposes.  My curriculum is more in depth with my own commentary on the translation of Ringeck, Von Danzig, Dobringer, Paulus Kal, Peter Falkner, Andreas, Ande Lignitzer, Martin Huntzfelt, Martin Syber, Hans Medal, Hugo Wittenwiller etc.  I have also written a Fiore curriculum covering every play in Fiore's text.  Difference between yours and mine is that my curriculums are word documents. 

Sir Patrick, Glad to know you are somewhat close (about 2 hrs). I'm in Jefferson City but I occasionally come to St. Louis to see family. We are a small group and I've deliberately kept it as such mainly because I work evenings and its hard to meet on weekends as everyone has something to do. We have people come and go but a few of us are consistent. I'll be back on days next summer and I'm hoping to then acquire a space at the YMCA. Right now I am laying the ground work for a big push to build our Guild in the community next summer.

As far as HEMA groups around the St. Louis area I haven't visited any of them but there's a couple I know of:

* Spanish Swordsmanship Society
* St Louis School of Arms

The latter one is run by Ken Harding and while I haven't met him he has a YouTube channel wherein he shares instructions in the Bolognese tradition. I've heard he is a nice guy.

Sir Patrick:
Thanks, I'll have to check those out.


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