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Your Ideal Armour 1066 - 1546

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Sir William:
My favorite of all time is cap-a-pied maille hauberk w/integral coif and mittens, maille chausses; always been a fan of the Templars and warriors of the early Crusades.  With that said, maille is getting better at least in terms of fit and customization but as anyone may tell you- plate bits are where its at.  So, as I'm slowly making my way into the 14th Century, here is the effigy I'm going to aim for a resemblance to Gunther von Schwarzburg, 1349, Germany, (but with a slightly earlier coat of plates a la Otto von Orlamunde, also of Germany, 1340):

Sir Nate:
Milanese is pretty magical :)

But I think Id go with Maximillian.

Sir James A:
Dr Tobias Capwell's black harness (that he sold! :( )

I'm going to change my answer to "a kit where I get to use this helm":

1358 England


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