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Sir Edward:
These rules are here to maintain a friendly and civil atmosphere, to promote a pleasant and viable community. It is our desire to let the community grow on its own, and do not wish to restrict free discussion.

Violations of these rules will result in deleted messages, and temporary or permanent suspensions of user accounts, at the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

Note: Newly activated (or pending) accounts that do not log in again within some reasonable time-frame will be deleted.

* Rule Number 1: I'm in charge. If I tell you to stop doing something, then stop. This is not a democracy. As this forum is operating at my cost (using a domain name I'm paying for, and bandwidth and server resources that I'm also paying for), this rule stands.

* Please maintain a civil tone at all times. You may argue and disagree, and have heated debates. However you must conduct yourself in a civil manner, without resorting to personal attacks or abusive language directed at another user. We do not restrict your choice of vocabulary (that is, cuss if you want), but when it is directed at a person, it has crossed the line.

* No trolling, antagonizing, or harassing. This includes polite badgering (though polite, it's still badgering). Disingenuous posting, intended to cause discord or an uncomfortable atmosphere for others will not be tolerated.

* This forum is a English-speaking only. Because the moderators can not be expected to translate posts to determine if they are breaking the rules, all messages must be in English.

* Conversations should attempt to remain on-topic for the message board. We've tried to create enough sections to the forum to cover a wide range of topics, and more can be added where necessary, but this site is specific in its purpose of discussing knights, chivalry, swords, weapons, and armor, in a historical or modern sense, and related topics such as SCA events, Renaissance/Medieval faires, garb, swordplay, etc.

* Note: Please refrain from discussions of politics and religion, as these are out of scope and can lead to unnecessary unpleasantness. We maintain an atmosphere of respect and civility, so we want to refrain from discussions that turn personal. Historical context is acceptable, but please keep this in mind.

* Do not create multiple accounts.

* Please do not hijack threads. Discussions will drift; this is natural. However, once the discussion no longer pertains to the subject of the thread, a new thread topic should be started.

* Abide by the moderators' decisions.

* Above all, have fun!

* New 2010-10-10: No copy/paste of entire articles into forum posts. Quoting a small passage and then providing a link is the proper way to refer to an online article or resource, due to copyrights.

* New 2011-06-15: Please keep signatures to no more than 5 lines of text or 80 pixels in height, and no more than 500 pixels in width if using an image.

* ...more to come :)
If you have difficulty joining the forum or creating an account, I can be contact at bones /at/

Some additional guidelines:

* As a general rule, it's often better to resurrect an old thread than to start a new one, if we've already discusses a topic. This allows old insights and comments to be included in a new discussion, and since we have a small membership, conversations often are spread out in time anyway.

* If you're a new member, feel free to just jump into a conversation. We also have the "Great Hall" section where you can post a welcome message if you like.

* Since the membership is small, interesting discussions will slow down and a large amount of time will pass between them. Feel free to kick up an old conversation and contribute to it.

* This forum is devoted to both modern and historical aspects of chivalry, knights, and armaments. It is our desire to incorporate these aspects from our ancestry into our modern lives. Don't let one era's discussions dissuade you from discussing the other!

Sir Edward:
Added new rule about copy/paste of articles.

Sir Edward:

Added new rule about size of signatures.


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