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Author Topic: Question about my cap-a-pie crusader riveted maille shirt  (Read 2681 times)


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Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my 8mm riveted maille shirt, dome rivets flat ring alternating flat washers. they were "16 gauge" rings if you can measure the gauge beforehand and it has been tailored in the arms and the coif is also tailored and has a built in ventail and also has integral leather mittens. I would include a bunch of rings and rivets and also leather to line the ventail.

What is a fair price to ask for such a piece that has had this much work done on it?

Thanks for the help!

Sir Nate

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Re: Question about my cap-a-pie crusader riveted maille shirt
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Id say 600-650 would be fair. How much do you feel its worth?
Wow, you have great complexion!  ;D
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