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OK, shopping for wedding rings for guys is not easy. Found some in Sears.com, but I could use some suggestions. A plain silver band we found 3 good versions of, but if I'm doing this once then yeah, keeping the door open to something interesting. Under $100.

Sir Edward:
Ah, the "under $100" part does limit things a bit.

I was tempted by some of the titanium and tungsten options. Some of those are fairly affordable, relative to gold of course.

I ended up going with a white-gold ring, which cost considerably more, but also has the benefit that it can be snipped off if I'm ever injured in such a way as to have the hand swell, and need the ring taken off or else lose the finger. The titanium and tungsten rings need power tools to remove in such an incident.

With some quick googling, it looks like there are stainless steel options for < $50 as well. But of course I'm not sure what your tastes are.

I really liked some of the "hammered metal" rings I looked at originally, but I don't remember what the prices were.


It looks like Zales has lots of low-cost options, in all sorts of designs:


More expensive, but there are damascus steel rings (and similar patterns) out there:



And you can find crazy stuff on Etsy too.. This person has rings with inlaid antler, marble, petrified bone, meteorite, etc:


Sir James A:
I got a standard stainless steel band, and had a Templar cross hand engraved on it. I'm divorced, so I'll happily sell it to you if you want. :)

Yeah the $100 limit is due to no monies for such things.

James: Thanks for the offer, but if we went religious it would be a Mogen David. :)

Sir James A:
No problem, mostly wanted to say you can get a plain band and have it decorated to taste if you aren't finding something that strikes your fancy off the shelf. :)


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