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Author Topic: WTS: Paul Chen Samurai Helmet + Mask + Display Stand  (Read 3010 times)


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I know its not a knight as such but the japanese alternative.

Got this beautiful Samurai Helmet I bought a long time ago on impulse as it was on offer because it is missing its golden horns, cost me $335 then! It is based on Oda Nobunaga's Helmet from Japan in the 1500s one of the most brutal figures in the Sengoku Period.

I believe it to be a paul chen one and it is nicely made with quite a lot of detail, it has tassles on the back, brass fittings with soft velvet like ties and is fully wearable. Its amazingly scary how quickly it manipulates your face into looking terrifying, A helmet like this retails at just under $499.95 new

I'm looking for $235 which includes shipping to the states, I don't mind shipping it elsewhere shipping will change depending. All its done is sit on a shelf under my ownership.

I wouldn't mind a trade or part exchange for a 13th century 'battle ready' re-enactment sword or for a 13th century style gambeson

I'm quite flexible so P.M me