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Author Topic: Samurai armor for sale  (Read 4364 times)

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Samurai armor for sale
« on: 2013-04-05, 05:29:51 »
Reposting this from my AA posting:

Have a set of samurai armor for sale. It's thin gauge steel, 20, maybe 22? Definitely just for dress/show. I paid $699 for it a couple years ago, and they seem to still be going for about that price, and coming from China - got screwed on my last armor purchase from China, and I'm done with it. Looking to get a few things to upgrade my current kit, so I'm selling this.

It's very, very comfortable to wear as "costume". I wore it for 4 hours at a Halloween parade last year, when I was sick, no problem. Lots easier than 16 gauge steel!

Armor consists of:

Kabuto helm w/crest (helmet)
Menpo (face mask)
Nodawa (throat guard)
Do (Cuirass)
Uwa-Obi (cloth belt/sash wrap)
Sode (shoulders)
Kote (sleeves, w/vambraces/half-gaunts)
Haidate (thigh armor)
Suneate (greaves/shin armor)

I'm 5'11" and 225 pounds, 41" chest, 36" waist. Armor fits me great, and has quite a bit of range of size since it's not articulated assemblies like normal english/german/italian armor is.

$450 shipped, no waiting on delivery from China through EMS that can take 60 days (so long, paypal claims; 45 day max on those).

Sitting right here, ready to box up and find a new home!

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