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Author Topic: Archive helmets for sale  (Read 3208 times)

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Archive helmets for sale
« on: 2008-08-16, 19:05:10 »
Well, my wife says I have to sell the armor I have before I can buy anything new. So I have my last two helms up for sale. The first is a round top great helm I bought here on the archive. It is one of the Forthcastle Stainless versions. It is the standard size and has never been worn. I'm asking $220 for it, which includes shipping here in the US.

Front View of round top

Side view of round top

The second helm is a stainless Windrose bascinet w/bretache. It fits me very well and I have a 23 1/4" noggin. I'm asking $450 obo including shipping on this one.

Front view of bascinet

Side view of bascinet

View of Windrose stamp

i love the first one. well the second one too if it didn't have the bar grills.