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Sir Edward:
This forum has just been created to serve as a social forum for modern-day knights. What is a modern knight? A "modern knight" for our purposes is anyone attempting to re-create knighthood and chivalry through their own philosophical ideals, or in a re-eneactment environment, or through costuming or historical swordsmanship.  This is a place to discuss chivalry, stories, tales, activities, re-enactment events, renfaires, armor, swords, and everything else relating to knights and chivalry as they exist in the modern age and inspired by the past.

For many of us, the romanticized image of the knight in shining armor, following a path of chivalry and virtue, is an alluring one. Many of us attempt to catch a glimpse of this through books, renaissance faires, re-enactment events, or just as an enthusiast who collects swords and armor. Whether you collect arms and armor, enjoy sword combat, or like to dress up as a knight at the renfaires, or are a knight in the SCA or otherwise, or are attempting to live your life guided by your own interpretation of chivalry, you're welcome to join us here.

It is our hope that knights of all types will come together.

This site is not a LARP, anachronistic roleplay, knighthood for purchase, or living history organization. Rather, it is a site for modern folks with an interest in chivalry or historical weapons/combat.

If you have difficulty joining the forum or creating an account, I can be contact at bones /at/

Sir Edward:

--- Quote from: Sir Edward on 2008-01-26, 14:13:18 ---If you have difficulty joining the forum or creating an account, I can be contact at bones /at/

--- End quote ---

I've started getting very aggressive about deleting spam-bot accounts, and it's getting harder to tell from email addresses and chosen usernames which ones truly aren't legit. Please, when signing up for an account, send me an email at the above address to let me know you're a real person, so I won't accidentally delete your account.


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