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Author Topic: Manual of Christian Knight by Erasmus - 1503  (Read 4742 times)

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Manual of Christian Knight by Erasmus - 1503
« on: 2012-06-04, 19:53:47 »
I came across this one book that I never read before yet I find it quite an excellent read.

Enter A Manual of a Christian Knight by Desiderius Erasmus in 1503.


The book itself discusses how Faith must be proven in deeds rather than in words for anyone can give lip service for the sake of religious tradition.  Yet it is another piece of evidence of Renaissance Chivalry's Christian aspect. 

Renaissance Chivalry is a two side coin, the first is Christianity in which this book pertains to.  The second side is Renaissance Humanism which is it's secular side.  It borrows heavily on Greek and Roman Mythology, Politics, Philosophy and History.  It is easy to say that secular Renaissance Chivalry can apply to those who aspire to any non-Christian source of ethics (example: a comparison of the Virtue of Honor to the Labors of Hercules).  To me, anyone can follow one or the other side of the coin called Renaissance Chivalry.  I follow Renaissance Chivalry in its Christian aspect in which this book pertains to. 

You can find it right here and can be downloaded for free. 


These are two resources pertaining for Christian Chivalry which I find to be excellent, the first one borrows from the Manual.



Hope you enjoy this read and I know this will create awesome discussions.  ;)
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