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Sir Wolf:
i have an idea. would anyone be up to say an first weekend of november event here in WV? maybe say crusade style of dress/armour etc?  maybe camp 1 night and do some WMAs or just hang out? if everyone would be game i could get some info together etc so we all look good together :)

Das Bill:
That might be fun. I would need to come back Saturday night, as I teach all day on Sundays. I also don't have any Crusader era garb... only 14th century and later.

Sir Edward:

Sounds pretty cool. If we aimed for a Friday-Saturday sort of thing, I could probably take a day off from work (I'm usually looking for ways to burn off some leave at that time of year anyway so that I don't lose any).

Of course, we could always push the period a little later too if the Crusades is too early for everyone. Sort of a 14th Century "round table" or something. I'm pretty flexible.

Sir Wolf:
ooooooooooooh i see. make ME change all my gear and stuff ehhehehe. hmm i don't have a 14thc gear or soft kit hmmmmmmmmmmmmm hehhehe. ya this could work out well :) 

Sir Brian:
You could always go for the late 14th century transitional harness for a pauper knight.  ;)

Sort of like a knight getting back on his financial feet after losing one too many tournaments. ;D


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