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Author Topic: GDFB Milanese Armor for sale  (Read 3194 times)

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GDFB Milanese Armor for sale
« on: 2012-04-23, 14:27:09 »
This was emailed to me to share with the forum group:

GDFB Milanese Armor for sale

This may be of interest to your members. I have a GDFB Milanese harness for sale, purchased a few months back from Kult of Athena. Unfortunately I'm getting too old to wear the thing, weighs approx 75 pounds. I've worn the harness once (for about 20 minutes), and it has never been used for any combat or sparring. I'm asking $1799 for everything- harness and helm, stand, and doublet. List price at Kult of Athena is $1899.95 .      My helm is a brand new GDFB Houndskull, AB0423, with butted mail aventail (AB2735). It's padded and a very nice setup (albeit a little heavy with the aventail, which is detachable).    The brown wool doublet (GB-0173) shows some wear from the shoulders, and I've added leather backed cotton cords for the pouldrons, legs, and vambrace. Also included is wooden stand and padded steel frame for display. I've punched some holes in the leather to adjust for the shoulders, and did some file work to remove the sharp edges on the armor. I have not sewn the flat ring riveted mail voiders to the doublet (flat ring skirt also included).    Asking price for everything is $1799.00, which includes shipping to U.S and APO/FPO addresses only (I prefer US Postal Service money orders).    Anyone who is interested please contact me at mhmaggelet at hotmail dot com and I'll forward some pictures. Sincerely,  Mike
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