"The maximum use of force is in no way incompatible with the simultaneous use of the intellect."
                -- Carl Von Clausewitz

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The Courtyard / Re: Concussions, informed consent, and CTE
« Last post by Matthew of the Isles on 2017-10-31, 17:11:05 »
There is wisdom to your words. I thank you for it.
The Great Hall / Re: Hello to all!
« Last post by Sir William on 2017-10-30, 19:46:43 »
Welcome, sir!
The Great Hall / Re: Hail Fellows
« Last post by Sir William on 2017-10-30, 19:46:11 »
Welcome to the forums!
The Courtyard / Re: German Longsword Curriculum
« Last post by Sir Rauri MacNeill on 2017-10-30, 15:59:29 »
Awesome, thanks Jason. I'll take a look at these.
The Courtyard / Re: German Longsword Curriculum
« Last post by jason77 on 2017-10-30, 12:15:49 »
Sir Rauri - HEMA @ VCU has a great series covering the fundamentals of German Longsword here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAIQe0YU1HSJv9CsVb3E5pDUZMcf08fzX

This will provide you with plenty of material for awhile. Afterwards you could check out Sword Carolina's Dobringer series and/or consider signing up for their online classes at their website.
I just wrote a paper on Teddy, definitely my favorite Presidents. I would argue that he is a modern example of the ideals of chivalry.
The Courtyard / Re: German Longsword Curriculum
« Last post by Sir Rauri MacNeill on 2017-10-30, 07:00:41 »
Jason, I have been looking into getting into HEMA, however where I am the closest group is 3.5 plus hours away. Do you know of any good videos that are able to teach basic techniques to me and one or two other people so I can try to get something going where I'm at? Thanks.
The Great Hall / Re: Hail Fellows
« Last post by Sir Rauri MacNeill on 2017-10-28, 10:22:11 »
Hey there. Some of us newbies aren't experienced in reenactment at all, so don't be shy about sharing tips and advice!

Matthew, the biggest thing that I can say is do your research into whatever period you're looking at. Authenticity is key, but at the same time don't break the bank. I watched a YouTube video that Sir Ian did on his channel (Knyght Errant) where he goes over his soft kit. I liked what he had to say about not overlooking the basics first. A lot of people will go straight for the weapons and armor, but your everyday gear is going to be the key stuff to get first in my opinion.
The Library / Knightly Manual
« Last post by Sir Rauri MacNeill on 2017-10-28, 10:17:00 »
I have recently started reading Knight: The Medieval Warrior's (Unofficial) Manual by Michael Prestwich. I am relatively new to researching the medieval era and really like this book so far. It takes a look about knightly life from a historical standpoint using a multitude of resources. It does not solely look at the life of a knight based upon romances that were written at the time, though it does take these into account.

It is written as if it was a manual for the aspiring knight and seems to have a lot of good information that is broken down in a way that is easy to understand. It will be a good spring board for further reading to develop my knowledge of the period. The author seems to have written a wide variety of books specializing in this era and I would recommend this to anyone looking to obtain a foundation of what life was like as a knight during the 14th and 15th century. It's only about 18 dollars on Amazon.
The Round Table / Re: Knights of Pythias - An American Knightly Order
« Last post by jason77 on 2017-10-26, 16:50:57 »
I should probably clarify that by "knights militant" I don't mean anything violent bent or militia based. I'm only speaking of a martial art quality to a group - like Christian Toblers Order.
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