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Title: Book Listings
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Here is a definitive listing of the books reviewed or mentioned by the Knights of this forum; the format is as follows:

Book title, author, (owner) and Amazon permalink.

1.  A Great and Terrible King, by Marc Morris (Sir Gerard)
2.  A Knightís Own Book of Chivalry, by Geoffroi de Charny (Sir Edward)
3.  Armour of Imperial Rome, by H Russell Robinson (Sir Wolf)
4.  Arms and Armor of the Crusading Era 1050-1350, by David Nicolle (Sir Wolf)
5.  Azincourt, by Bernard Cornwell (Sir William aka Paladin)
6.  Battle: A Visual Journey through 5000 Years of Combat, by R.G. Grant (Sir William)
7.  Book of Knighthood and Chivalry, by Ramon Lull (Sir Edward)
8.  Chivalry and Violence in Medieval Europe, by Richard W. Kaeuper (Sir Edward)
9.  Chivalry Now, by D. Joseph Jacques (Sir Edward)
10. Chivalry, by Maurice Keen (Sir Edward)
11. Fighting with the German Longsword, by Christian Tobler (Sir Edward)
12. In Service of the Duke, by Christian Tobler (Sir Edward)
13. Records of the Medieval Sword, by Ewart Oakeshott (Sir William)
14. Reign of Chivalry, by Richard Barber (Sir Wolf)
15. The Black Douglas aka James the Good, by David Ross (Sir Brian)
16. The Compleat Gentleman, by Brad Miner (Sir Ancelyn)
17. The Complete Romances of Chretien de Troyes, (Sirs Wolf and William)
     - Erec and Enide
     - Cliges
     - The Knight of the Cart (Lancelot)
     - The Knight of the Lion (Yvain)
     - The Story of the Grail (Percival)
18. The Grail Quest Series, by Bernard Cornwell (Sir William)
     - Harlequin aka The Archerís Tale
     - Vagabond
     - Heretic
19. The Greatest Knight, by Elizabeth Chadwick (Sirs Brian and William)
20. Time Travelers Guide, by Ian Mortimer (Sir Gerard)
21. The Troy Series, by David Gemmell (Sir William)
     - Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow
     - Troy: Shield of Thunder
     - Troy: Fall of Kings
22. William Marshal, by David Crouch (Sir William)
23. Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett (Sir William)
24. World Without End, by Ken Follett (Sir William)
25. The Scarlet Lion, by Elizabeth Chadwick (Sir William) no permalink found
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir William on 2010-10-26, 15:42:55
Listings 26 - 50 (the first six comprise the Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell)

26. The Last Kingdom,
27. The Pale Horseman
28. Lords of the North: A Novel
29. Sword Song
30. The Burning Land
31. Death of Kings: A Novel

More to come; I can't recall how to get the abbreviated url links off Amazon, even tho the first 25 have them.  Go figure.
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Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Frater de Beaumanoir on 2011-08-11, 00:16:21
Below is a list of books in my personal Crusades/Military Orders library. I tend to stay away from the ones that have Masonic tints when concerned with the Templars, but a few on this list are still good for historical background information on the Order.

1.   Godís War, A New History of the Crusades; Christopher Tyerman

2.   The Last Templar, The Tragedy of Jacques de Molay: Alain Demurger

3.   The Knights Templar, A New History: Helen Nicholson

4.   Richard the Lionheart; The Mighty Crusader: D. Miller

5.   The Knights Templar in the Golden Age of Spain; Atienza

6.   The Illustrated History of the Knights Templar; Wasserman

7.   The Crusades: M. Paine

8.   God Wills It: Bartlett

9.   Crusades: T. Madden

10.   Knights: J. Heller

11.   Armour and Weapons: Charles Ffoulkes

12.   The Chronicle History of Knights: A Hopkins

13.   Godís Warriors: H. Nicholson

14.   Acre 1291:Osprey Publishing

15.   The 3rd Crusade: Osprey Publishing

16.   Knights Templar: Osprey Publishing

17.   Knights Hospitaller: Osprey Publishing

18.   The 12th Century English Knight: Osprey Publishing

19.   Teutonic Knights: Urban

20.   The Dream And The Tomb: Payne

21.   Knights Templar: S. Howarth

22.   Knights Templar-Godís Warriors, The Devilís Bankers: Sarello

23.   The Templars: P. Read

24.   Templars and Assassins: Wassermann

25.   The Templars: E. Burman

26.   Warriors of God: J. Reaston

27.   Northern Crusades: Christensan

28.   The Monks of War: D. Seward

29.   The Knight: Barber

30.   Fighting For Christendom: Tyerman

31.   Dungeon, Fire, and Sword, The Knights Templar in the Crusades: Robinson

32.   Albigensian Crusade: Sumption

33.   The Way of The Crusades: Williams

34.   The Knights Templar: S. Martin

35.   Soldiers of The Faith: Finucane

36.   Warfare In The Middle Ages: R. Humble

37.   Medieval Warfare: Koch

38.   Historical Atlas of The Crusades: A. Konstam

39.   The Rise and Fall of The Knights Templar: G. Napier

40.   Armies of the Crusades: Osprey Publishing

41.   Cathar Castles 1209-1300: Osprey Publishing

42.   Knights Templar Encyclopedia: The Essential Guide to the People, Places, Events, and Symbols of the Order of the Temple: K.Ralls

43.   The Rule of the Templars: J.M.Upton-Ward

44.   The Piebald Standard : Edith Simon

45.   The New Concise History of the Crusades: Thomas F. Madden

46.   The Real History of the Templars : Sharan Newman

47.   The Templars, A complete introduction to the Legendary Monk Warriors: Miguel Gomez

48.   The Knights Templar, Discovering the myth and reality of a legendary Brotherhood: Susie Hodge

49.   The Medieval Soldier : Vesey Norman

50.   Fighting for the Faith : D. Niccole

51.   El Cid; The Making of a Legend : M. J. Trow

52.   Warriors of the Lord: The Military Orders of Christendom : Michael J. Walsh

53.   Battles of the Crusades 1097-1444; from Dorylaeum to Varna : Devries, Dickie, Dougherty, Jestice, Jorgensen, and Pavkovic

54.   The Templars, Holy Warrior Monks of the Ancient Lands : Jack M. Driver

55.   Templar Organization, The Management of Warrior Monasticism : S.T. Bruno

56.   A Most Holy War, The Albigensian Crusade and the Battle for Christiandom: Mark Gregory Pegg 

57.   A to Z of the Knights Templar, A Guide to their History and Legacy: Gordon Napier

58.    Essential Histories; The Crusades : David Nicolle

59.   Battles of the Medieval World 1000-1500, From Hastings to Constantinople: Devries, Dickie, Dougherty, Jestice, Jorgensen, and Pavkovic

60.   Templar Knights and the Crusades; Charles R. Dillon

61.   The Enigma of the Knights Templar: Marilyn Hopkins

62.   The New Knighthood, A History of the Order of the Temple: M. Barber

63.   Knights of Jerusalem, The Crusading Order of Hospitallers 1100-1565: David Nicholle

64.   Crusader Castles in the Holy Land; David Nicholle

65.   Nobly Born, An illustrated History of the Knights Templar; Stephen Dafoe

66.   Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic Knights, Images of the Military Orders 1128-1291; Helen Nicholson

67.   Chronicles of the Crusades; Villehardouin & Joinville

68.   The Templars, The secret history revealed; Barbara Frale

69.   The Crusades in the Holy Land; Meron Benvenisti

70.   Teutonic Knight 1190-1561; Osprey Publishing

71.   The Crusades; Osprey Publishing Elite #19

72.   The Scandanavian/Baltic Crusades 1100-1500; Osprey Publishing

73.   Knight of Outremer AD 1187-1344; Osprey Publishing

74.   The Crusades- Essential Histories; Osprey Publishing

75.   The Illustrated history of the Crusades and the Crusader Knights ; C. Phillips

76.   Richard the Lionheart ; J. Gillingham

77.   Crusades ; Terry Jones & Alan Ereira

78.   The Siege of Jerusalem, Crusade and Conquest in 1099; Conor Kostick

79.   The Templars, The History & The Myth; Michael Haag

80.   The Crusades, History and Myths Revealed; Michael Paine

81.   Leper Knights: Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem in England, c.1150-1544;  D. Marcombe

82.   The Templars, Knights of Christ; Regine Pernoud

83.   Godís Battalions, The Case for the Crusades; Rodney Stark

84.   Knights in History and Legend; Constance Bouchard

85.   The Crusades- A Brief Insight; Christopher Tyerman

86.   A Brief History of the Knights Templar; Helen Nicholson

87.   Holy Warriors, A Modern History of the Crusades; Jonathan Phillips

88.   Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 (PDF); Ian Heath

89.   The Crusades- A History of the War for the Holy Land; Thomas Asbridge

90.   Knight: The Medieval Warrior's [Unofficial] Manual; Michael Prestwich

91.   The Templar Code for Dummies; Chris Hodapp

92.   The Book of Knights; L A Williams

93.   Military Religious Orders of the Middle Ages; F.C.Woodhouse

94.   Illustrated History of the Knights Hospitaller; Steven Dafoe

95.   Reconquest and Crusade in Medieval Spain; Joseph F. O'Callaghan
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir James A on 2011-08-12, 04:19:34
That's a library and a half indeed! I have nowhere near that many, but my always up-to-date list is here: (
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Frater de Beaumanoir on 2011-08-12, 11:59:34
I'm always looking to add to my library. The ones I posted support the persona I developed. I have many others regarding basic medieval knights and topics like The War of the Roses, Agincourt, Crecy, etc.

My thanks for the lists you two gentlemen have also provided. A few on each are now identified for future purchase.  :)
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir William on 2011-08-12, 13:28:21
Well, for my part, a good number in your list are now earmarked for future acquisitions for my library.  In fact, I believe I have just the bookshelf but YOU have the definitive Templar cache.  Nicely done.
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Rodney on 2011-08-15, 14:01:48
I keep my medieval reading library mostly up to date on myArmoury.

My reading list (

I've cut and paste an abbreviated list here:
1.   1066: The Year of the Conquest
2.   1381: The Peel Affinity: An English Knight's Household in the Fourteenth Century
3.   2,500 years of European helmets, 800 B.C.-1700 A.D
4.   Age of Chivalry, The
5.   Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry, The
6.   Armor: From ancient to modern times
7.   Armour and Weapons
8.   Armourer and His Craft: From the XIth to the XVIth Century, The
9.   Arms & Armor of the Medieval Knight: An Illustrated History of Weaponry in the Middle Ages
10.   Arms and Armour
11.   Arms And Armour In Antiquity And The Middle Ages (Medieval Military Library)
12.   Art of War
13.   Basic Heraldry
14.   Battle of Salamis: The Naval Encounter that Saved Greece -- and Western Civilization, The
15.   Battles of the Medieval World 1000 - 1500
16.   Between Pit and Pedestal: Women in the Middle Ages
17.   Book of Five Rings, The Classic Text of Samurai Sword Strategy, The
18.   Book Of The Medieval Knight, The
19.   Booke of Days (Trade)
20.   Brassey's Book of Body Armor (Photographic Histories)
21.   Castle
22.   Compendium of Weapons Armour and Castles, The
23.   Costumes for the Stage: A Complete Handbook for Every Kind of Play
24.   Czech Fairy-tales: A selection of the most beautiful folk tales
25.   Daggers and Fighting Knives of the Western World
26.   Edward the Black Prince / the Funeral Achievements
27.   Enterprise of War, The
28.   European Arms & Armor
29.   Everyday Life In Renaissance Times
30.   Everyday life of the barbarians: Goths, Franks and Vandals;
31.   Feudal Coats of Arms
32.   Fighting with the German Longsword
33.   Fourteenth-Century Towns (Living History)
34.   Guide to Heraldry, A
35.   Heraldic Alphabet
36.   Heraldry (Brockhampton Reference Series (Popular))
37.   Heraldry: Its Origins and Meaning (New Horizons)
38.   Historical Atlas of the Medieval World
39.   Homer's Iliad Retold
40.   Illustrated Encyclopedia of Arthurian Legends
41.   Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knives, Daggers & Bayonets: An authoritative history and visual directory of sharp-edged weapons and blades from around ... photographs (Illustrated Encyclopedia of...), Th
42.   Introduction to Heraldry, An
43.   Italian Medieval Armies 1300-1500 (Men-at-Arms)
44.   K√∂nigsschloss Neuschwanstein. Schlossbeschreibung - Baugeschichte - Sagen. Englische Ausgabe
45.   Knight and His Armor, A
46.   Knight and His Castle, A
47.   Knight and His Weapons, A
48.   Knight in Medieval England, 1000-1400 (Medieval Military Library), The
49.   Knight Triumphant: The High Middle Ages, 1314-1485, The
50.   Knights
51.   Knights Templar
52.   Knives and Scabbards (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London)
53.   Latehomecomer: A Hmong Family Memoir, The
54.   Life in a Medieval Castle
55.   Life in a Medieval Village
56.   Medieval Art of Love, The ...
57.   Medieval Costume and Fashion
58.   Medieval Costume in England and France: The 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries
59.   Medieval European Armies 1300-1500 (Men at Arms Series, 50)
60.   Medieval Mercenaries: The Business of War
61.   Medieval Siege Warfare (Elite)
62.   Medieval Soldier: 15th Century Campaign Life Recreated in Colour Photographs, The
63.   Medieval Warrior, The
64.   Navigators: Knights and Castles
65.   Normans (Trade Editions), The
66.   Outline of Ancient, Medieval & Modern History (College Outline Series), An
67.   Patterns for Theatrical Costumes: Garments, Trims, and Accessories from Ancient Egypt to 1915
68.   Perfect Heresy : The Revolutionary Life and Death of the Medieval Cathars, The
69.   Renaissance, The
70.   Ships and Seamanship in the Ancient World
71.   Spirit Of The Sword: A Celebration of Artistry and Craftsmanship
72.   Sword and the Mind, The Classic Japanese Treatise on Swordsmanship and Tactics, The
73.   Sword in Hand:: A History of the Medieval Sword
74.   Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century
75.   Uppity Women of Medieval Times
76.   Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade
77.   Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium, The
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Wolf on 2011-08-15, 20:48:41
there is NOWAY i could ever list my books hehehee. you guys are awesome though
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Edward on 2011-08-15, 20:52:04
there is NOWAY i could ever list my books hehehee. you guys are awesome though

Oh come now, we know you have nothing better to do with your time. so hop to it! :)
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Frater de Beaumanoir on 2011-08-15, 23:32:39
75.   Uppity Women of Medieval Times

Priceless!! :P ;D
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Rodney on 2011-08-16, 13:11:25
75.   Uppity Women of Medieval Times

Priceless!! :P ;D

It's one of a four part series (Ancient Times, Medieval Times, Middle Ages and Renaissance) written by Vicki Leon.  The real characters examined in the book are a hoot from the Joan of Arc wanna-bes (there were several) to the former nun Catalina de Erauso who "dueled, drank and cross dressed her way through Spain and South America".  It's a very fun read.  Leon also has some titles that I have yet to pick up: How to Mellify A Corpse: And Other Human Stories of Ancient Science & Superstition and Working IX to V: Orgy Planners, Funeral Clowns, and Other Prized Professions of the Ancient World.  She's a little different to say the least! ;)
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir William on 2011-08-16, 14:33:30
My Mom has that Uppity women series...they are hilarious!  As it women who minded her manners ever made history...or something very much like.  lol
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Matthew on 2011-10-29, 17:45:21
I find the Osprey Publishing books to be very beneficial for a general overview of a subject, but somewhat lacking for in depth information. There is only so much you can cover with such a concise work of course. The illustrations are the real value of Osprey in my opinion, though. One that I would add for anyone working on Knight kits, particularly crusade era is Knights of Christ.
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Thorsteinn on 2012-01-15, 21:17:02
For the feel of how a Knight should behave I would like to put up the War Gods Series aka the Bahzel Banakson Series by David Weber. If you can find the first book that has the short story "Sword Brother" in the back then get it.

Here is a link to the first book for free (click on img):
( (

Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Fearghus Macildubh on 2012-02-15, 18:46:47
For fantasy series where knights and knighthood play a central role, I was always partial to David Eddings's The Elenium and The Tamuli.  Sir Sparhawk and his fellow knights always struck me as how real paladins would behave.

They've been released with each trilogy in a single volume.

The Elenium: (

The Tamuli: (

Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Brian on 2012-02-15, 19:28:41
That series is a favorite one for my wife and I. I plan on buying her the audio books so we can 'read' them again. :)
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Bernarr on 2012-05-31, 09:18:09
I forgot about Eddings! Just ordered the trilogy from Amazon. I'm rereading the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind right now, so I'll read the Elenium between SoT and the Saga of Recluce.
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir William on 2012-05-31, 14:08:11
I just finished the Warlord Chronicles by Cornwell (second read through, finished Saxon Tales by Cornwell just before it, Game of Thrones series before that) - probably my favorite take on Arthurian legend to date.  In these books, the heroes are all written and behave like real people would- also liked how he wove the legend of the Holy Grail into it (but it is not called that) and uses old English place names with what I assumed were the correct spelling.  A few places he 'made up' but by and large, the 5th century map was used.

I'm reading 'Freedom Sword: A Historical Novel of Scotland' by J.R. Tomlin...not sure how I ended up with it, but so far, so good.  Set in 1296, all I've gotten so far, since I just cracked it on the Kindle for the first time last night, is the Morays scouting Longshanks' army as they make their way into Scotland...Balliol is the king at the moment.
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: RackThor on 2013-04-29, 09:21:36
David and Leigh Eddings are by far my favorite fantasy authors of all time. Those are fantastic books if your really want to focus on the knights and valor, however just for fun's sake dont forget about their Balagirad series as well. Their very well developed books with great characters.

For fantasy series where knights and knighthood play a central role, I was always partial to David Eddings's The Elenium and The Tamuli.  Sir Sparhawk and his fellow knights always struck me as how real paladins would behave.

They've been released with each trilogy in a single volume.

The Elenium: (

The Tamuli: (
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Wolf on 2013-04-29, 18:59:14
i read the those they were very good!!
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Naythan on 2013-08-20, 23:03:00
All of T.H. whites king arthur books.

Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Hrolfr on 2013-08-24, 20:06:07
Warrior of God by Victor Verney.

It is about Jan Zizka and the Hussite Revolution.  The leaps made in strategy are imppresive.
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Jason Simonds on 2014-06-03, 22:49:03
As I find my library lacking this is a great list to go off of. Thank you for posting your collections.
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Sir Patrick on 2014-06-27, 16:49:57
I just started reading this series by Robert Low called the Oathsworn series.  It's about a group of Vikings in 965. Very much like Bernard Cornwell's style of writing. In fact, he gave the "great book" blurb on the cover. Good read do far! (
Title: Re: Book Listings
Post by: Frater de Beaumanoir on 2014-07-11, 02:11:10
Since last I posted, a few more have made their way into my library:

96.   The Last Crusaders-East, West, and the Battle for the Center of the World; Barnaby Rogerson

97.   Armies of Heaven: The First Crusade and the Quest for Apocalypse: Jay Rubenstein

98.   Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era 1050-1350: Western Europe and the Crusader States; David Nicolle

99.   The Knights Templar on Trial: the trial of the Templars in the British Isles, 1308-1311; Helen Nicholson

100.   A History of the Middle Ages: Hywell Williams

101.   Knights of the Cloister: Templars and Hospitallers in Central-Southern Occitania, c.1100-c.1300: Dominic Selwood

102.   The Crusader States: Malcolm Barber

103.   The Knights of Christ: Osprey Publishing

104.   The Second Crusade; Jonathan Phillips

105.   European Medieval Tactics I & II: David Nicholle

106.   The History of the Knights Templar: CG Addison

107.   The Medieval Military Orders 1120-1314; N. Morton

108.   The Crusades: Vallejo

109.   Sacred Violence; Jill Claster

110.   Downfall of the Crusader Kingdom; W.B. Bartlett

111.   Dore's Illustrations of the Crusades

112.   Age of the Crusades by Newark/McBride

113.   El Cid and the Reconquista 1050-1492: Osprey Publishing

114.   The Tragedy of the Templars: Michael Haag

115.     The Knights Hospitaller; Helen Nicholson