"He who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty."
                -- Lau Tzu

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The Round Table / Re: Why do you want to be a Knight?
« Last post by jason77 on 2017-08-17, 22:58:46 »
I know this thread is old but I've been thinking about this very question myself. I grew up in the martial arts and being 40 years old I still practice martial arts. The martial arts have always been the bedrock foundation of my own personal growth and development. It is therein that I made it through some tough times as a kid and later as a teenager and it blossomed into the basis of my own philosophy and spirituality. Martial arts is a path of violence and to me violence is the one constant which holds the universe together. The creation of the universe was violent, the birth of our own planet was in chaotic violence, early man survived and thrived through violence, our current nations were founded in violence, I lay my head and sleep well at night without fear of an intruder because most people fear the violent enforcement of the law, I also don't fear confrontation because I have spent my life training to embrace violence. I understand that violent people only understand violence and therefore it is my imperative to be better at it than them. A Knight understands violence and is prepared to live it when necessary. However, a Knight follows a path of Chivalry (whether it be romanticized or not) which tempers violence with acts of dignity and demands one to live in integrity towards his fellow man. Chivalry is a path of using violence in a productive manner instead of violence being a mere chaotic self-serving endeavor of exploiting others. I embrace violence but channel it through the chivalric ideals of justice, obedience to the rule of law, service unto others, protect the innocent, etc. For me, Chivalry is the perfection of one's character thus my personal slogan is "Vincit Qui Se Vincit - He who conquers, conquers himself." Similar to the Samurai's code of bushido the Knights code of chivalry can be the catalyst for physical, mental and spiritual development. The way of the Knight is strength in restraint and it is violence reserved for just cause. This is why I identify with the Knight and why I strive to embody just that.
The Campaign / Re: been gone
« Last post by jason77 on 2017-08-17, 00:39:27 »
Mark from the STL HEMA Assoc. emailed me with news that there will be a tournament at the KC Renn Faire September 23 for longsword, rapier, small sword and saber. I'm awaiting further details.
The Campaign / Re: been gone
« Last post by Sir Brian on 2017-08-11, 12:07:15 »
I won third place...

That was hilarious when you reminded Bill F. that you now had TWO 3rd place medals from the Passage-at-Arms!  ;D
The Campaign / Re: been gone
« Last post by Sir James A on 2017-08-10, 01:56:18 »
Not on nearly as much since I can't get on at work any more, and my commute is doubled at my new job. Also, the whole moving, engagement, and wedding next week thing.

MD Faire is coming up in a few weeks.

As Ed said, Passage at Arms at Longpoint was cool. I won third place, and our own Sir Brian won first place! (The first first place for the Order!)
The Workshop / Re: Suspending a Leg Harness
« Last post by Sir James A on 2017-08-10, 01:53:32 »
I've had pretty good luck with the lendenier this year
The Campaign / Re: been gone
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2017-08-07, 17:51:53 »
We moved from Reno, NV to Wakefield, MA (Boston suburb) last August for my wife to take a job at Boston Logan, and in 2 weeks we are moving to Raleigh, NC for her to take a job at North Carolina State University. In fact we will be passing very close to where Ian, Ed, Brian, and James live, and passing by where Shawn lives in New Jersey.
The Campaign / Re: been gone
« Last post by Sir Edward on 2017-08-05, 22:42:31 »

Wow, good question. I haven't been on the forum as much lately either (bad, BAD knight commander!). Way too much going on in my outside life this year.

From the medieval perspective, those of us here in the DC region had a good Passage at Arms at Longpoint this year, and the VARF demos went well. I haven't posted a summary for VARF yet, so I should do that.
The Campaign / been gone
« Last post by Sir Wolf on 2017-08-05, 17:29:08 »
stuck in the land of gun powder and correct fitting trousers as of late.

did get to play a roman for a local vacation bible school.

anything cool this year going on?
The Workshop / Re: Suspending a Leg Harness
« Last post by Sir Wolf on 2017-08-05, 17:25:59 »
ive tried period and non period ways of doing this. stuff still sags, twists, pulls on the hips, back or shoulders.
The Workshop / Re: Late Medieval Braes with a Braes Girdle
« Last post by Sir Wolf on 2017-08-05, 17:24:10 »
Mac doesnt have a big hairy belly that would get caught up in that buckle either
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