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The Courtyard / Re: Help me start out?
« Last post by jason77 on 2017-09-21, 16:03:04 »
With a partner and a couple synthetic swords you can do a lot. The only thing you need is a little direction and you can find that in a structured form online from schools such as http://swordcarolina.com/ Sword Carolina which has an online curriculum for those wanting to learn German longsword based on the earlier KDF treatise. Then if your interested in the Italian tradition you can find an online curriculum through Duello https://duello.tv/. Also I recommend building a pell to do solo practice with when your brother or you aren't available for drills. Follow one of the above paths, practice drills over and over until their ingrained into your mind and become habitual. You don't have to worry about sparring until you have the extra money to buy the additional gear or you can spar so long as your brother and you pull your cuts - in other words, don't follow through. This method of sparring is used a lot by the Joachim Meyer guys in Texas.
The Courtyard / Re: Help me start out?
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2017-09-21, 15:21:46 »

First- Were are you located?
Second- Did they explain the age thing?
Third- Have you looked into youth combat with the SCA?
The Courtyard / Help me start out?
« Last post by DarkKnight on 2017-09-21, 10:53:29 »
I'm new to modern chivalry, and while i have been interested in this sort of stuff for a while, i am new to HEMA in all its forms. I know a fee places around the town where i could go to learn but i have a problem. All of them want you to be over sixteen. A majority want over eighteen. I am only fourteen. I know the basics from some vids on youtube, (like the sword stances video skallagrim made. ) but much past that i dont know. How can i learn? I have two sparring swords (rawlings synthetics) and my brother practices with me but we both are equally lost.
Jason Purpleheart sells some other ones from him you can see here-
Steel Longswords
Viking Swords
Steel Arming Swords

Wow, I haven't seen that. I wonder how many tournaments would allow it. I'd be interested in this myself to practice the principles of English longsword. This may be a great club sword as well - the price point is good.
The Armoury / Looking for review of this more Italian friendly feder.
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2017-09-13, 20:50:04 »
Given the size and style I think samller feder with disc pommel from Steel Techniques will be good for me given how I fight. Anyone try any of Viktor Berbekucz products?

Steel Techniques Feder with Disc Pommel sold by Purpleheart Armory
The Armoury / Re: KOA 15th Century Arming Doublets
« Last post by Sir Brian on 2017-09-13, 14:19:38 »
Well I got them late Monday and was able to try one on last night. I purchased the XL and it just fits me. The sleeves are a smidgeon too short but not excessively so. They got the upper arms correct in that there is no bunching up or binding with full cross-arm motions, although the elbows could’ve used a little larger pocket that I will likely get modified. Plenty of arming point locations and arming points provided, though as surmised earlier, they will require leather tab reinforcements prior to attaching armor. I had gained back some of the weight I loss in getting ready for Longpoint so when I lose that few extra pounds this doublet will fit even better.

All in all a good purchase for a basic doublet for getting measurements for later period armor orders…yes I’m preparing to migrate to the 15th century! ;)
The Sallyport / Re: Order Members along the I-95 corridor?
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2017-09-12, 17:31:44 »
No worries!

We finally found and moved into a place just SSW of NC State University in Raleigh, NC.

Who should I send my new home & mailing  addy to?

The Armoury / Re: KOA 15th Century Arming Doublets
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2017-09-12, 17:24:33 »
Good to know.  :)
The Armoury / Re: KOA 15th Century Arming Doublets
« Last post by Sir Brian on 2017-09-11, 16:23:04 »
I will today or so says the tracking genie! ;)

I'll verify the fit and as for the reviews on the website, it was obvious the one person
didn't reinforce the arming holes. ;)
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