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Title: Fighting in armor
Post by: Patrick on 2017-12-23, 05:56:18
I am 5'7 and weigh 170 pounds, which are distributed pretty evenly throughout my body. I am naturally strong but tire easily because I do not get out often and probably because I am slightly overweight. Wearing a ~40-50 pound knee-length and long-sleeved steel mail hauberk, ~5-6 pound helmet, ~1-2 pound gambeson, ~2-3 pound mittens on both hands is physically taxing, and since I plan to also buy mail chausses, I should expect to add ~25-35 pounds too. The mail is not perfectly fitted and sags slightly without tapering on the arms, but it fits well enough to use without embarrassment in my opinion. I wear a belt to help distribute the weight on my hips but I can't help but feel there have to be other ways to make the armor feel lighter on me. 

What I can't do:
- Remove or add rings of mail
- Order a new/custom fitted mail hauberk
- Ignore it (I bought the armor for reenactment fighting, and currently I can barely raise my arms to swing a sword after 10-15 swings)

What are things I can do to feel more nimble and energized in my armor? What exercises? What are some extra tricks to distribute the weight?

Title: Re: Fighting in armor
Post by: Sir Wolf on 2017-12-23, 19:11:38
what are your components made of? spring steel? riveted mail? etc etc
Title: Re: Fighting in armor
Post by: Patrick on 2017-12-24, 23:08:54
Can't tell you anything besides that the mail is riveted: here's a link to what I ordered.
Title: Re: Fighting in armor
Post by: Thorsteinn on 2017-12-25, 02:15:43
Every day run 1 mile in the woods at as good a pace as you can.

Every morning do 30 pushups, 30 bodyweight squats, and 30 situps.

Eat well & get good sleep. 6 packs are built in the kitchen after all.

Do 100 blows to the Pell for 100 days. 1 day in 7 do that in full kit.
Title: Re: Fighting in armor
Post by: Patrick on 2017-12-26, 21:37:50
Sounds good to me. Thanks
Title: Re: Fighting in armor
Post by: Cedric of Havenhall on 2018-02-27, 17:11:24
Pell work is important but the best way to feel comfortable and nimble in your armor is to use it as much as possible,  get out and swing steel (or rattan) as often as you can