"I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once. But I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times."
                -- Bruce Lee

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The Courtyard / Re: HMB & Buhurt
« Last post by AnsalonPaladin on 2018-12-18, 22:59:13 »
I find it to be odd how many HEMA practitioners and fans discount the historicity or the martial prowess of Buhurt, HMB, ACL, and BoTN fighters. There are a surprisingly large amount of these guys who's entire livelihoods revolve around medieval combat, and while not all of the methods of combat can or will be direct analogues to harnesfechten due to the fact that you aren't allowed to stab people in the eyeballs during tournaments anymore, these men and women devote an almost slavish amount of time to their physical fitness, mixed martial arts skills, their parries and attacks, etc. They accept a crushingly brutal level of punishment in regards to modern sports on par with other extreme combat sports like MMA. It is most certainly a martial art, just as much as something more trivial and less damaging like Karate is considered a martial art. There are clear and defined techniques and styles, there are a set of rules and regulation regarding its use in sport, there are real world applications for the techniques used, I mean it has every single marker of a martial art.
The Armoury / Re: Advice for improvement
« Last post by Tancreid de Rouen on 2018-11-29, 01:42:13 »
I know the helmet needs to be a nasal helm (goes to show that looking at non period artwork is a bad plan lol) so im currently looking at one that will fit my giant head, the mail coif (not in the photo) is currently being integrated into the hauberk, I'm replacing the boots with ankle boots (with modern soles cuz of the eventual 5k), and the ring belt is going to be replaced with a buckled one and the sword is going to have its own dedicated belt. Aside from those things I have no idea what I'm doing haha. the only armor bit that is been a pain is the chausses, which I have jerry-rigged a suspension system for (see photos, and forgive the jeans under for the fit test haha), but I would love to see/hear how to actually wear them without them wanting to pull down so hard. Tho this system does work pretty well so far especially for running haha
The Armoury / Advice for improvement
« Last post by Tancreid de Rouen on 2018-11-29, 01:30:50 »
I have been working on this kit for little over a year now, I'm going for a late 12th century knight (1170's). I have gotten some feedback on these pictures already (thanks Ian!) so I figure I can at least post them here and say what I have been working on and hopefully I'll get some more feedback about how to improve the kit especially since this is my first attempt.

and before I forget it's for ren fairs and eventually I will run a 5k in this.

I'll follow this up with what I already know to change and what has been changed since taking these pictures.
The Round Table / Re: Your Ideal Armour 1066 - 1546
« Last post by Tancreid de Rouen on 2018-11-28, 21:41:13 »
Honestly something like this is my favorite aesthetically. It may be because Ive always been a nerd for the crusades but it just looks right haha. The kit Im putting together is earlier (1170's) but this... this is just beautiful
The Armoury / Re: My Armor
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2018-10-07, 17:13:27 »
Here is my suit of armor. a little bit historical and part fantasy. I love this suit I have made. Feel free to give any feedback!

Has anyone heard from him since this post?
The Armoury / Re: My Armor
« Last post by Lord Dane on 2018-09-10, 05:12:42 »
Costume says it all. Not ARMOR practical for steel or rattan weapon fighting. Will not even qualify for armor safety specifications in SCA or ACL if inspected. However, LARP away in it!! 
The Round Table / Re: Chivalry, sexism & masculinity
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2018-08-08, 01:16:13 »
which version of the chivalric code is the person using?
The Armoury / Re: My Armor
« Last post by Naythan on 2018-08-08, 01:15:28 »
This is good for Larp. But I wouldn't use it for anything heavier than foam weapons. Its not very historical either. What are your goals as far as armor or building your kit goes? I understand budget is always an issue haha  :).
The Armoury / Re: My Armor
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2018-08-08, 01:13:08 »
The sound isn't coming through well so you may have answered this in the video. Is this kit for combat, show, or something else?
The Courtyard / Re: Fighting in armor
« Last post by Thorsteinn on 2018-08-08, 01:09:33 »
Any news?
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